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Unblock Discord in China

Discord Blocked in China

Another tech giant got cut off by the Great Firewall of China.   Discord, a popular and free voice & text app for gamers, was blocked by China. Joining the ranks of sites like Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, Google, and other apps blocked in China,…

Twitch Blocked by the Chinese Government

Twitch, the popular video game streaming service, has been blocked in China. According to the BBC, the website has been unreachable since September 20th, and the app is no longer available in the local Apple App Store.   Twitch had recently gained more popularity…

Because Internet Freedom Matters: Complimentary Chameleon Protocol For All VyprVPN Users in China!

Once again, the Chinese government stepped up its efforts to block VyprVPN services. This has caused some connectivity disruption for our customers in China. Our team is working hard to resolve the issue and to ensure reliable connections for all our customers. We…

Overcoming Internet Obstacles in China

Chinese Government Increases VPN Blocking by 300%

A storm of VPN obstruction is raging on in China, and it’s targeting VPN providers once again. Multiple blocks hit VyprVPN and competitors on Friday, Saturday and have continued into the week.  As with past blocking attempts, VyprVPN engineers were quick to resolve every block and swiftly made our servers available…

Overcoming Internet Obstacles in China

VyprVPN Shakes Off China’s Latest One-Two Punch Blocking Attempt

The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections for the third time this month on the night of June 24th at 10pm CST, then made another attempt around 2am CST the morning of June 25th. When our dedicated team of engineers—who work in-house—received the…

Overcoming Internet Obstacles in China

VyprVPN Service in China Restored After Another Blocking Attempt

The Chinese government began blocking some VyprVPN connections on the morning of June 20th around 5am CST. Because our dedicated team of engineers works in-house, they located the source of the block and made the necessary adjustments to restore service quickly. This is…

Overcoming Internet Obstacles in China

VyprVPN Service in China Restored After Latest Round of Blocking

The Chinese government began blocking VyprVPN connections at 7am CST on June 1st. This blocking attempt was likely due to the impending anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 on June 4th. As with previous blocking attempts, our engineers rapidly implemented procedures…

censorship in china

Radio Silence As China’s VPN Ban Deadline Arrives, Passes

We’ve been anticipating it for months – the date China’s much talked-about VPN ban is set to take effect. China introduced plans to ban VPNs, or virtual private networks, nearly a year ago now, and there’s been much debate and speculation on the ban in the…

censorship in china

Cat and Mouse Continues In China, As VPN Ban Deadline Looms

As you’re likely aware, China’s VPN ban is set to go into effect on March 31. It was initially slated to take effect on February 1, 2018. The ban applies to all unregistered VPNs, with foreign providers expected to be hit the hardest….

censorship in china

Apple Continues To Condone, Comply with Chinese Censorship

Apple created quite a stir a few months back when they pulled 60+ major VPN applications from their App Store in China. This move came at the request of the Chinese government and left many shaking their heads at Apple’s willingness to not…